About Me

I’m Mary Fran, and when I’m not living in the real world, I’m a self-published author who adores all things love and romance. Happily ever after’s have had me swooning since childhood, and I’ve never grown out of it, which is inspired me to begin this blog and share all those things with you. So yes, I’m that person who loves romance novels, sappy rom-coms, and cheesy love songs, and remain hopeful that one day, I will find that I will also experience it firsthand.

If you are interested in learning more about my romances, check out the links below for my website and my social media accounts. I’d love to connect with all of you!

Website: //maryfrancesgualandriauthor.com

Facebook: facebook.com/maryfrancesgualandriauthor

Twitter: @MaryFGualandri

Instagram: @maryfgualandriauthor